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Posted by DANIELA ORTIZ over 5 years

JUS SANGUINIS Jus Sanguinis is the racist regime that establishes that only the babies that have Spanish blood are recognized as subjects with the right to the nationality at the moment of the birth. In this way, the sons and daughters of migrant people that are born in the Spanish territory inherit their parents nationality as well as their legal status. This babies are not recognize as spanish citizens. This is how minors who are racialized are put under the violence of the Immigration laws since they are born.

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TWO IMAGES OF THE CHILEAN MIRACLE Today on the national television They ask him why it is timely to speak today, now. He believes it is necessary because, for years, the leaders have dedicated themselves to misinform the audience through lies and myths. Even more, he dares point out that this kind of forced ignorance would be the cause that people share that general unrest in their daily lives. He believes there exists a big problem and he illustrates it with examples in this way: the governments evidence shortcomings in the system, which the press amplifies, and then they act in a contradictory way, since they do not work to find solutions, but just to manage the same system, to improve it. He points out emphatically that the present government has been responsible for validating this model, according to them imperfect, and that his concern resides precisely in this inflection. How could people not be confused if, on the one hand, they show the people that there is a crisis and, on the other hand, they work to consolidate it? Why don't the governments change the system tomorrow morning? Why do they have projects sleeping in the parliament for years? He deeply believes that in this country they say "A", they deceive people, they act "Z", and they keep the economic system, and the pensions system intact, the Constitution of the country, the private companies...

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Posted by STEPHEN WRIGHT over 5 years

GALACTIC DEMOCRACY Or, how overcoming our greatest error involves confronting our greatest terror, and vice versa In the graduate program where I teach, we often ask our students to propose successive lists of keywords to help them name the intuitions that motivate their research agendas. At first, the words tend to be unadventurous, conforming to a received horizon of expectations — a kind of residual fear of using the “wrong word” leads to the error of falling prey to lexical hegemony — but by slowly digging beneath the dominant vocabulary, they invariably come upon slightly new ways of talking better suited to their tasks and desires. Lexical errancy of this kind has a heuristic effect and the word lists often end up being quite surprising. Recently, one young researcher proposed a list containing the following words: Millenarianism, Faith, Celestial Jerusalem, Rainbows, Stars, Hope, Revolution… Odd as they seem at first glance, the words don’t so much delineate a field of research as open a horizon and point to something far beyond. Such terms name a horizon that we — secular leftist intellectuals — have mistakenly given up on. Hence the relative discomfort we feel when we hear tell of Millenarianism or Celestial Jerusalem (except of course it comes from a Jehovah’s Witness). We have given up, no doubt erroneously, on any and all forms of transcendence, which we have come to associate, not without some justification, with the most iniquitous predatory projects (colonialism, exploitation, and so on) at the heart of which transcendence functioned as a kind of metaphysical palliative. But not only have we made transcendence a bad word; worse still, we have replaced it by a form of “pure immanence,” which, having no anchor point in our Western tradition, has ended up playing the role of an inverted transcendence. The pure immanence of possessive individualism, and the system of accumulation that is inseparable from it, have imposed themselves, through the collapse of any horizon, as the abyssal immanence of consumerism.

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Remember Me is an action-adventure sci-fi video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Capcom.  The game's plot focuses on Nilin, a memory hunter working for an underground resistance called the Errorists. When the game starts, she has been stripped of nearly all her memories by mega-corporation Memorize. With the help of a mysterious man named Edge, she goes on a...
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