What is Errorism
Errorism is a practical philosophy. A cultural, scientific, political and spiritual movement, which bases its action in error, erring as a principle and practice in daily life. Errorists from different corners of the planet have been gathered in the Errorist International movement. To learn more about errorism.

A social network and community to share and enjoy our errors, to err collectively with other errorists around the world. An erroneous non-place to share erratic experiences, reproduce and distribute ideas, concepts, open debates and discussions in a virtual environment.

How to participate.
Join the errorist network by creating a user profile (insert link). Members can be individuals, groups, collectives or organizations. After log-in, you can begin collecting error points on the Global Errorism interactive Map, posting articles on the magazine's website, commenting, voting and spreading all things errorism.

How to collaborate.
As a member: posting text, proposing articles, sharing images, videos or playlists. Inviting others potential errorists to join the network. 

If you would like to join us as a permanent collaborator/  If you are developer and wish to collaborate with our website and help with programming and working out bugs (coding errors)/  If you have ideas which could help to find resources to support this project: erroristas@gmail.com

NOTE: This is a nonprofit project that seeks to develop and spread the ideas and practices of Errorism. The site was conceived as open community and its contents are entered and updated by the members of the network. By accepting the terms and conditions of the site, you consciously agree to respect the rules described in the terms and conditions of erroristas.org and its derivatives and sub-domains.

This web site encourages sharing of content under the principles of copy-left and creative commons licenses. This web site respects copyright and intellectual property, allowing members to decide how to distribute and share their material and information. It is a rule of the website to always mention quotes and the source of original authorship.

 The development of the beta version of this project has been supported by




Remember Me is an action-adventure sci-fi video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Capcom.  The game's plot focuses on Nilin, a memory hunter working for an underground resistance called the Errorists. When the game starts, she has been stripped of nearly all her memories by mega-corporation Memorize. With the help of a mysterious man named Edge, she goes on a...
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